Residential Asphalt Paving


A good asphalt paving job begins with a plan. Before we start, we know your job from start-to-finish. A thorough site inspection permits us to become familiar with the specific conditions of your property, and prevents costly surprises. When you receive a written proposal from the Czars of Tar, you’re getting more than just an estimate, it’s a plan. Let your imagination go, then call us with your idea.

“We’ll make it a reality.”

Once you have contacted the Czars of Tar, you can expect the following to ensure convenient scheduling, quality work and prompt service.

Our experienced estimator will come out at your convenience, free of charge. He will provide you with a detailed written estimate, and complete site plan of your project.

We only use state of the art equipment and the best raw materials to ensure durability in your driveway, after the asphalt is placed, we roll for a compaction to created a smooth surface. During this process we ask that you leave your garage door open to ensure an even pavement.

Keep In Mind

Usually, when a driveway needs excavation, sub-base repair or sub-soil corrections we allow the base to sit for a period of 7-21 days, depending on the original conditions of your sub-base.

Our Services Include:

  • Complete removal and replacement
  • Overlays
  • Repair and maintenance
  • New areas and additions
  • Seal-Coating
  • Warranties (apply only to new paving and replacements)